Should I rent a car in Nepal? 9 key takeaways –

I noticed that a lot of people who travel to Nepal want to inquire about whether they can rent a car in Nepal and are unsure of how to rent it. So I decided to do some research and write a detailed post on whether you are eligible for a car rental, and how you can rent a car in Nepal.

Renting a car in Kathmandu might seem crazy, but with some foresight, knowledge about the city streets and a pre-planned destination,  renting a car in Nepal is possible. The possibility of renting a vehicle in Nepal is determined by whether you want a chauffeur to drive you around. 

Most of the time, people only inquire about whether they can hire a vehicle in Nepal. However, there is more than just the eligibility criteria and cost when it comes to hiring a car, and just booking a car might not let you get the best out of your rental.

Why you should consider renting a car in Nepal

Renting a car in Nepal can be confusing. Nepal is a great place to visit but if you are planning on going through multiple places as you travel, you should consider renting a car. You may choose this method of transport if you plan on visiting many places for the day or perhaps returning to a place you loved at the end of your trip.

If you are planning to rent a car in Nepal then this post is for you. In this post we cover everything you need to know before renting a car like information on where, how much and why, read on and hopefully our guide will help point you in the right direction.

How much it costs to rent a car in Nepal

The average price to rent a car in Nepal is $45, but this can vary depending on where you’re driving to, and will cost more if you have the insurance bundled to it. You can either pay cash or credit card for your rental, depending on the companies. 

Tip: If you want to save money on car rental, go off-season. October through November and February are the cheapest months.

How to rent a vehicle in Nepal

Renting a car in Nepal is easy. You can book it well in advance, or just go to a rental car agency at the airport upon arrival and make your booking then. You can choose from dozens of brands, different models and different packages. The process is fairly straightforward.

Where do you get your car from?

On arrival, you can reserve and rent a car in the only international airport in Nepal – “Tribhuvan International Airport”. However, the airport rates are a bit more expensive than the average rental car companies. If you have a preferred rental company, you could get your car from the company’s website or by calling the designated number. If you prefer to be picked up from your home or office, you have to book in advance.

Selecting a rental car company in Kathmandu

If you are planning a tour of Nepal, then it is better to rely on big companies that have been providing such services for years and have established a good reputation.

By hiring cars from big companies which have been offering their services for many years and have established a good reputation, you may be sure that you will get all the facilities you need for a pleasant journey.

If you want to enjoy your trip and never face any problems, then it is better to choose well-known companies that are providing car rental services in Nepal.

If you are unsure about the rental company, click here to get a list of most reliable and value for money rentals in Nepal.

What documents are required to rent a car in Nepal.

Most rental companies in Nepal do not require a document to rent a car. This is because self drive rental cars are rarely found in Nepal, and all companies allocate a chauffeur along with the car for the entirety of the rental period. 

Some companies may require travel insurance in place. Typically, travel insurance is optional. Without these insurance you can still rent a vehicle.

What size of car should you rent?

When you are ready to rent a car in Nepal you need to consider the size of the car and its comfort for the price you will be paying. It is best to rent a car on a per day basis but if you are willing to commit for a longer time then there are better deals. Make sure that the insurance covers all accidents and has no flaws as it is important when renting a car. You can confirm this with your rental company representative before you confirm the rental.

Do you pay before or after renting a car in Nepal?

Most rental companies in Nepal require at least 50% of the total car rental cost to be paid up front prior to renting a vehicle. The remainder of the total cost needs to be paid preferably a day or two before the trip ends. 

If the rental period is short, you can pay the remainder of the fee after the completion of the rental.

Can you self drive a rented car in Nepal?

The self-drive option is not available while renting a car in Nepal. The rental companies rarely allow the driver to do self-drive even if you are already a Nepali citizen and have a local license. However, it is possible to rent a car with a driver or chauffeur from the rental company.

The self-driving or chauffeur-driven car hire packages in Nepal are available in the cities like: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and Bhaktapur. The cost of the rental car and driver is calculated on the basis of hours. The car rental is an ideal way to travel within the city and experience the culture of Nepal. The self-drive package includes insurance and fuel charges as well.

A car driver can be hired along with the car while you are on a tour in Nepal. The driver will provide you with a better understanding of the localities and help you to move around without any hassle. You can also hire a driver if you are going to visit some remote areas where it is difficult to find public transportation services. The driver guide will help you to understand the place more precisely.